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Home office remodeling Ideas

Remodeling your home office can be an exciting project that could elevate your attitude, brighten your mood and even increase your productivity. With as little as one can of paint, you can transform your boring home office into a thriving workspace. Consider some simple home office remodeling ideas with paint that you can do yourself if your new home office designs.

Different colored walls

Enliven your home office with walls of different colors. Pick 2-4 coordinating colors to paint any wall. You might not be ready to make a big statement, and if you’re not, just paint with two colors. You can paint or opposite walls. Ask your home improvement or painting center to lend you a book of color swatches, so you can watch the paint choices in their groups, in light of your home office.

home office remodeling

Two-tone walls

Give your office a two-tone look by painting the upper half of a light color and painting the bottom half a coordinating darker color. Choose the color of the same color family on the steel, or you could end up with two colors that clash. Separate the two halves by the addition of a bright, white chair rail. You might also consider installing and painting interior tongue-and-groove paneling (or bead board) on the lower half of the wall.


Give your office a new theme. Paints a wall or at least a major proportion with a special paint for a school blackboard theme? Try your hand at big stripes and coordinate bold dots on one or two walls or just a border around the room. Consider a monochromatic scheme of gray walls, white trim, and black painted furniture for a modern look.

Faux finishes

Faux finishes are a cheap and easy way to create a dramatic look with paint or painted texture. Some of the simpler faux techniques include color washing, sponges or mix color. For a leather look, try the hazing technique. You can also make your walls look like they are gold-plated or marble or a crackle finish-the sky is the limit with your imagination and paint.


If you are bold and brave, consider painting a mural on a wall in your home office. Your mural can be as simple as several offices painted on the wall, or as complex as a beautiful landscape to be. Consider painting the same size blocks on a large wall, about 2 centimeters larger than a frame of your choice. Paint the blocks a bright, solid color and then when it is dry, hang your favorite matted prints plain black frames within the blocks for a dramatic effect.


  • Choose your color palette carefully. Choose colors you love, no matter what others say. It would be useful to study the color wheel, and color senses to better understand the theory of color.
  • Your renovation consists of paint, so if you really hate, start over with a different color, pattern or theme. You may need to prime your walls between them, especially if you go from bright to subtle colors.
  • Consider buying samples of paint before you dive in, but remember, the paint you purchase in liters, is not the same as the sample paint.