How to choose the parquet tiles

In addition to a perfect aesthetic effect, the parquet tiles floor is one of the best resources to heat the home and make it a more welcoming place. In fact, there are already many people that use it in all its varieties. If you want to know what is the best wood floor for your home, pay attention to this quick guide.

Let’s start with the colors. You can choose from lighter to darker colors, always with a great variety of colors that go from white to ebony through other intermediate as gray. If you want contrast between rooms you can choose different colors for them, but you get a harmonic space if you set all the same color.

The appearance also depends on the design and finish, as there are different ways to place: from the boards vertically or horizontally to the twisted, shaped herringbone or boat deck, for example.

Try to choose wood that best suits your tastes and needs, because however good it is there is no perfect wood (acre is very resistant to wear but very sensitive to staining, for example) and each will have their advantages and disadvantages. You just have to inform and choose the ones you think are appropriate.

In the most practical sense we must consider the hardness of the ground and we want to give the base itself. Overall, the hardest and most resistant woods are perfect for places that are going to be busiest as the hall, the hall or kitchen, in which however you should not use beech , heat treated birch, European or Canadian maple, American cherry or European walnut, because they spoil with steam and moisture.

For stays less they will be used as dormitories what prevails is cosmetic, so you can choose just those that you like.

The soil may be a multilayer or solid wood. The latter have a single layer of wood while others have two or three layers of about 7 mm for laminated floors and 20 mm for the course.