Basic Tips for installing wooden floors

Having the wooden floor is certainly a way to have a home with a warm, cozy and comfortable look. But there are those who resist having wooden floors because they think that not only the material but also the installation may be too costly. But the reality is that the installation of wooden flooring does not have to be too complicated if you know how, and it would save enough money.

When you want to install hardwood floors must be present some considerations to ensure the durability of the material. From design to the selection of the wood are important things you have to consider. Your wooden floors transform the atmosphere of a spectacular and very elegant. Normally wooden floors are attached and sandwiched together to ensure quality.


When you want to install wooden floors have to be sure that the base is solid and well sustained pressure to bear the weight of the wood and the people on it. If the soil is not stable will not install.

Sometimes it is appropriate to install wood flooring over existing concrete slab to achieve proper, although this is not always necessary if the soil is in good condition to perform the installation. Remember that if there are doors at home must remove them before installing floors effectively.

You will be taken to the wood snaps into every corner and that is not installed incorrectly, which could cause cracks and / or damage. In addition, excessive heat or humidity may damage the wood so it is essential to take care of these aspects before installation.


Generally, the wooden floor framing is placed underground to make sure it is in good structural condition and so can guarantee good results without any mishap. Will need to take wood tables and go snapping them (I advise you to buy already cut to spare unnecessary work and you can overcomplicate placement), but have to make sure that no moisture can affect the wood. The floor shall be covered with polyethylene to prevent any ingress of water.

You must also remember that it is important for the installation using the concrete slab on the floor because it will help support the basement without any problems. Installation must always start with the longest wall of the house and continue along the shortest.