Kitchen Decor

How to decorate a cozy kitchen with little money

The kitchen is considered by many people’s favorite place in the house, perhaps because it is the place to share good moments during breakfast or during the preparation of any food. As the preferred corner, the kitchen must always be well decorated and harmonious to be more intimate or needs to be modified to give a makeover to look after all the changes in home decor can be welcome when we are experiencing a different phase in life or when we need to move furniture because they are old.

Women always care about the look of the kitchen and several love making constant changes to feel happier to cook for your family. In addition to the dishes decorated cloths, colorful mats and plastic objects that can be useful and beautiful at the same time, there are several other things that can be modified or used to decorate a cozy kitchen. The recycling of some objects can be a cheap alternative and amazingly the same time.

Get to know some tips to decorate a cozy kitchen.

Tips for decorating your kitchen

If the chairs are already worn, old, no longer match the other furniture or simply are no longer content to have the same chairs for so long, you can paint them a different color. If you want to give a relaxed and fun air in your kitchen can paint each chair with a different color or you can paint the chair matching the color of the other furniture present in the kitchen. If your closet has a door or colored drawers, you can paint the chairs with the same color to make the kitchen the same color pattern.

If you are on a tight budget and still want to change the office of your sink, you can use and abuse of colorful or flaps. If you know choosing the right prints and matches the curtain with the rest of the decor able to be amazed at the result and the cozier look that they give. The sink gives the impression that we are in the kitchen ‘Grandma’, a place that leaves the most delicious food in the world.

Kitchen utensils can be part of the decor giving a special touch. The old utensils can become decorative objects, one example is to use a cutting board and some forks to make a stand to hang tea towels or you can use a colorful mug as a little vase of flowers. The cans can be painted and turn vases or cutlery, the food glass jars pickled can be adorned with ribbons and pieces of cloths and be used to store cutlery or turn wall vases.

You can purchase or use the guise technique to make themed comics and spread the kitchen walls, so the environment is much more smoothly. You can also use the old decorated dishes or unique dishes left over from some tableware and hang on the wall. The hanging plates give an amazing result even with such a simple idea.