Kitchen Decor

Ideas to update kitchen in less than 1 hour

Are you tired of seeing the same picture when you walk into your kitchen every day? Do not worry because you need not buy anything, you do not have to work to see you’re fully update kitchen in less than one hour can get great effects and a brand new kitchen (at least visually).

Then I’ll give you some ideas you can do, combined with each other or go progressively performing them in your kitchen to get the update you so desire. But do not forget to always keep the kitchen clean and clutter. So in addition to better see the kitchen will feel totally new. Feel like?

Soap dishes new

The soap for washing dishes has never been elegant and beautiful, which is why the first advice I give you is to hop a glass bottle or steel of your home (if you have to buy has a reduced cost) so you can get the soap inside. You can fill it whenever you need soap without having another plastic bottle so little decorative.

Beautiful boats

To make your kitchen look much neater, you have to forget the plastic packages and have a pantry full of open or stacked packages. The best option is to buy beautiful boats so you can get inside as rice, pasta, pulses, sugar, biscuits, cereal … whatever you want! So when you tell have everything on hand and in addition to the more decorative possible.

Labels all

You can also put labels on all jars, cans, etc. This way you can more easily find what they are looking for and help you get everything much better organized.

Post your kitchen blackboard

The slates are always something useful in the kitchen because you can target the ingredients you need for your recipe, buying you have to do or just a note of affection for someone your family. You can buy a board and hang it, put decorative vinyl chalkboard paint or maybe a part of the kitchen with chalkboard paint. Which option do you prefer?

Plants in the kitchen

And of course, a way of seeing the more cozy kitchen and greater vitality is adding beautiful plants. Its green color and the colors of the flowers will make you feel better in your kitchen and also look more updated.