Wood Floor: advantages and disadvantages

The wood floor again be fashionable in recent years, giving a touch of class and elegance to any style of decor. Besides being a good investment and increase the value of own apartment, a beautiful wooden floor can make all the difference in the outcome of the decoration of a room, giving the room a cozy air and very cozy.

The wooden floor also has tremendous versatility, as well as be much more durable than other types of floors. However, as with other floors, wooden floors also present some drawbacks.

In this article we will show you some of these advantages and disadvantages of this type of pavement.

Wood flooring advantages:

Versatility – The wooden floor looks good in any room, whether it be a living room or dinner, or even a quarter, and therefore an excellent complement to the decor apartment. Moreover, a beautiful wooden floor gives a perfect timeless look to any interior decorating project. It also combines perfectly with carpets of all sizes and shapes.

Easy maintenance – Many people are surprised at how easy it is to clean wooden floors and keep them with a new look. In fact, all it takes is a quick vacuum or a simple broom, then scrub with a mop and a suitable cleaner for hardwood floor cleaning. A rapid, simple and clean without any problems, especially with regard to other floors, such as carpet, this requires more maintenance free.

Health Benefits and environment – Another great advantage of wood floors is that they are hypoallergenic and completely natural. Dust and other debris that can cause irritations and allergies, such as by animals, are not as problematic as in other type of floor, as is the case of carpets. Additionally, wooden floors do not require expensive or aggressive chemicals to keep clean, which products may be potentially harmful to both health and the environment.
Durable – The wooden floor is more durable than other types of floors, requiring however regular maintenance.

Wooden floor Disadvantages:

Low humidity resistance – wooden flooring is very vulnerable to moisture. Even a small amount of moisture may damage the timber. Therefore, you must be very careful not to spill any liquid on the floor.

Higher price – Wood flooring is more expensive than other types of flooring, which is further, added an installation, which is also more expensive.

Maintenance – Although the wooden floors are easy to maintain, require some “finishing touches” frequently, to ensure that its brightness lasts for a long time. Waxing and stroking this type of flooring will be a recurring practice. Again, this type of maintenance is likely to cost you some money.

Limitations – The wooden floor cannot be right for every room of the apartment. In the bathroom or laundry, for example, where moisture and leaks are inevitable, this type of flooring can be damaged easily.