Wood floors with rugs

Combining wood floors with rugs

The carpets are available in a wide variety of designs and colors. Combine perfectly different sizes and shapes require therefore some care and planning. However, given the various models you can find rugs that match the style of decor of any home and, in particular, combine with elegant and natural wood floors.

A wood floor can be a beautiful and timeless decorative element. However, it can also be considered a cold floor or less warm and comfortable when completely “naked” some focus.

A beautiful rug is a great way to decorate a wooden floors and make it more comfortable for those who tread. Another advantage of the use of mats in this type of pavement is to provide protection against scratches and damage that may be caused by furniture and constant traffic.

Tips for decorating with rugs

First, you must decide how much carpet you want to use on site or division that is thinking decorate. You can choose to decorate the space with a carpet larger in order to cover most of the division of the floor, hiding the beauty of wood, or choose too many carpets of smaller dimensions, keeping the most visible wooden floor. To help in planning and location, can use paper or card on the carpets format you want to get an idea of their disposal in space or the amount of carpet you need to acquire.

Then take the right measures the space in which the carpets will stay in order to know what size rug you should buy. If you want to use a carpet in a living area, will usually want it to be right between your two sofas or so beneath these.

If you are considering using the rugs on wooden floor under the bed, then this should be large enough that the carpet skirt a little out of the side of the bed. Measure and the length and width and write them down before you start you’re shopping.

Also note the choice of carpet colors. Choose a color that matches with the other colors used in the decoration of the space and to supplement the various decorative elements of the environment, such as furniture and accessories. Smoother color rugs make a beautiful contrast with darker wood floor, while a lighter wooden floor is easily combined with a carpet of more vibrant hues.

A carpet softer texture is ideal for a wood floors cooler and less comfortable. In this case, you can choose carpets of wool and more compact fibers.

If you want to give a more natural look to the decor, then you may choose to use a carpet of natural fiber sisal or Bamboo also these easy to combine with a wooden floor. Just be careful to choose a tint that contrasts with the wooden floor tone for a more beautiful effect.