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Tips to defrost and clean the freezer

The freezer is a cold and lonely the main objective to sort it all, a natural haven for forgotten foods. Select content, throw the useless food and place whatever survives for frozen food in an organized space is an asset.

Defrosting or not?

Many modern freezers do not require thawing, but pay for never thawed. Refrigerators with automatic defrost spend 35% more energy than similar models defrost manual. The self-defrost cycle absorbs moisture from frozen food and that can negatively affect their quality. The manual defrosting must be done when the ice has 5mm or when accumulation in spiral compressor. If you would like to know brief information about cooling devices you could choose ac repair Phoenix.

When thawing must

– Turn off before defrosting, the freezer at 0 and unplug.

– Empty the contents get all the food from the freezer. Leave it in bowls of ice while clean the freezer.


– Melt the ice leaves open the freezer door until the ice melts naturally (be sure to cover the floor with newspaper to absorb water and melting ice) and add hot water to accelerate the process.. Put pots of warm water in the stack to melt ice or use hot air from a hair dryer, but always with caution. When the ice melts absorb it with a sponge, paper towels or cloths cleaning.

– Clean when you have no ice, clean the interior with a soft paste of baking soda and water. At first moist and then dry it with a clean cloth. Soda absorbs odors and eliminates persistent food waste. If necessary, wash the shelves and freezer drawers in warm soapy water. Dry them thoroughly before putting them back.

– Connect the power close the freezer door, plug and put in place. Leave at least 15 minutes before replacing the food.

Be careful. Do not use a knife or ice pick or sharp instruments to remove ice from the freezer walls. Any slip can damage it, and also to you. Act with confidence. If you use a hair dryer be careful with electric shocks. The dryer cannot be in contact with puddles or you can drop water drops. Forget the soap. Do not wash the walls of the freezer with soapy water. Soap is difficult to clarify and soap residue can affect the taste of food.