Home Design

20 Tips to Save Space

Your apartment is small? That this will not prevent conditioned and decorated. Here we give you 20 tips to optimize ingenious small spaces.

1. Opt for consistency. In other words, avoid color clashes. Keeping the same tone throughout the apartment. Thus, the space seem larger.

2. A long narrow room look longer with a mirror hanging on the wall. Placed near a window, will reflect light throughout the room and enlarge.

3. Often the walls are badly exploited spaces: think shelves of all kinds. Can rise up to the roof to keep the things you use least.

4. Play with the tone on tone so as not to drown with the furniture. For example, avoid colored furniture in wenge-colored walls.5. Separate the couch on the wall: even if you think you gain space if you stick to the wall, the effect is the opposite. Cast it and put a green plant back.

6. Choose a color like curtains and walls. Gently will frame the windows and create an impression of openness.

7. Foldable furniture is very practical. These are elements that are folded against a wall or missing in a box to free up space when not in use.

8. The stairs offer thousands of possibilities. Under the stairs, ride a closet and transforms the railing in a library.

9. Place the sofa on the diagonal, angle,: psychologically, when someone feels will have the feeling that there is more space.

10. The attic is always a good option, provided the height of the ceiling is low enough.

11. Get a folding furniture. Nestable tables, folding chairs or stackable stools allow you to receive people without feeling invaded by furniture useless the rest of the time.

12. To give the impression of volume, play with lights. Avoid halogen that burden. Reduction gear heights of light sources: put lamps on the floor, halfway up and ends with a floor lamp or a lamp placed on a cabinet.

13. If your bathroom is really tiny, multiply the smart shelves as telescopic or murals. Not easy to install and can put a lot of small accessories.

14. Do not hesitate to divide a large room with two small shelves or a change of style. The two rooms will be small, but the set look bigger.

15. Do not forget the new technologies. A flat screen television, an audio system to hang on the wall and a laptop will give a modern touch without overloading.

16. Click to view, without taking the floor. A library floor to ceiling, an oversized mirror placed on a wall or a significant head give the impression of grandeur without taking up much space.

17. To save space in the order, he favors the beds, under which you can bring boxes or baskets. Some brands offer even beds with integrated drawers.

18. Think distribute interior closets with a table that is displayed when you open the doors.

19. Use different floor coverings. Going from carpet to hardwood gives an impression of diversity, space.

20. Finally, do not hesitate to install beds bridge. Of course, it has nothing to do with Feng Shui, but you will earn a lot of space.

Another way to save space with beds is to use the storage bed. This contains space underneath the bed to store things. Check out the collection of beds which include single bed collections, double beds, and of course the great space saving storage bed.