economic ideas for kitchen design
Kitchen Decor

5 very economic ideas for kitchen decor

If you’re thinking about remodeling the kitchen, even small changes in the decoration end up making the different space. You can easily find in magazines, books, internet, TV shows or even friend suggestions ideas to incorporate in the design decoration. Here are some economic ideas for kitchen decor.

Decorate the kitchen

Despite what you may read in the latest kitchen design magazines, renew the look of your kitchen really does not require that you spend a lot of time and money. There are some simple and inexpensive ways to give your kitchen a new look.

A little change here and there can make all the difference and bring more interest and comfort to the decor.

Here are five low cost ideas to give new life to the kitchen:

1 – Replace the cabinet doors and fronts

If your budget is limited and cannot afford the luxury of completely changing the kitchen cabinets, then you can simply choose to replace the doors and fronts of the furniture. This is a very simple and economic situation to implement.

2 – Paint the cabinets and changing door knobs and handles

To give a more modern look and light the kitchen, we recommend you paint the cabinets of a light color, for example white. You can then also replace the door knobs and handles them. Today, you can find this kind of accessories in various shapes, colors and prices, just choose the one that suits you and combine with the environment and function.

3 – Use MDF doors of solid core

Can be mounted on a solid base of the door and this type of door can also be painted to create any look you may want.

4 – Use color to renovate the kitchen is another example of cheap kitchen decor
You can paint the walls and cabinets in a variety of colors. When it comes to paint a closet existing one, you can use decorative finishes. Some examples are the creation of a coating with an aged look, or glazed finishes. These ideas are all simple and low cost.

5 – Another kitchen area, you can upgrade easily the faucet and sink

You can find sinks moderately priced between 50 and 300 euros also available in various colors and styles. Porcelain, stainless steel and acrylic are the materials that are available for sinks. Regarding taps, they are also available in many shapes and finishes and, depending on the type of faucet, can vary in price.