How to decorating your home office
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Tips for decorating your home office

Good home office is that it unites the comfort, warmth and informality of our house with work and studies our everyday, right? Because it is a more informal setting, the home office – ah, can office call, go! – Can be decorated your knack. How is an environment that needs a lot of organization, we decided to give you some tips on how to decorate your home office – or a desk and a reading corner or … Yeah valid for any work environment.

1) Keep your stuff in place

Nothing more annoying that away from the table to answer the phone and lose the pen he was using. Even worse is if you have a bit more of pen – and do not know where any of them are. To avoid this type of situation, it is good centralize pens, pencils, erasers and all this kind of stuff in one place. For this, what counts is creativity: Valley have pencil holder, fun mugs, cups decorated…

2) Use folders

Where has that account 3 months ago? And that list of exercises to test Monday? Xi … Best guarantees that it will find your documents when you need them – that’s what serve folders, document boxes and organizers.

3) Little notes self-adhesive

Is meeting on Tuesday, have to turn pro dentist on Wednesday and take the child in swimming on Thursday. Not to forget all these commitments, how about releasing little notes of hand self-adhesive? They are helpful and if you choose color with the decor of your home office, you can still make a charm.

4) Surround yourself with things you love

At the time of stress, nothing better than a deep breath and look at photographs of people and places you love. Valley to comics made by children! Bet on frames and screens to expose things that you have pride.