Office Decor

Ideas to create a home office

Life currently makes many of us opt for work from home office. The Internet, more than other tool gives us this possibility. Working from home can be a rewarding experience, and like all, have its pros and cons.

Good to perform the work at home is that you can go straight from bed to the computer. That made me when I was working at home: I could move my stuff to put pajamas and could get up later. The bad: be home is a distraction, vice having the television on and have my mother in me, asking me to help with chores. Perhaps in your case is your children distraction when they return from school.

Anyway, if you want to start a business or professionally realize yourself, your home can be your first choice, at least at the beginning or until you have a larger budget that allows you to rent an office away from home. I leave you with some ideas that can help you get started:

Division of space

This is essential and most important, it is vital that at home have a special room you can use as an office. If you do not have and are going to make or use an existing space in your house (living room, dining room, under the stairs), you should see how to separate properly. What?

A large shelf stable, that is a solid wood structure with metal, for example, to simulate a wall, and that in turn allows you to store your documents and books. A screen or panel, if accounts with less space. It is the tone of your office and according to the style of your workplace.


The ideal is to have a source of natural light, ie a window. I think the best option, since, apart from providing beautiful light and allow saving energy during the day, looking out the window – personally – puts me in a good mood. That’s right; the window did not frontally to your computer that can annoy your vision. The natural lighting is indirect.

If you do not have a window and there is no way to build it, using white light sources, to give you more energy and life to your space. Fluorescent bulbs rather than incandescent. And always opt for light bulbs or energy saving light bulbs to protect the environment. A lamp is also a good choice. You can get a foot or halogen lamp to put in a corner, and directly illuminate your desktop. It can be placed on the roof or side of your work area.

Looking multifunctional furniture that can help you save space and accommodate all your work items. For example, a shelf or a drawer where you can store files and use the top as a side table. You can also opt for small tables or bookshelves with casters that allow you to move and rearrange as you get bigger or when you need more space for any activity or visit.

Basic: desk and chair. But not everyone. You can choose between desks with drawers or those who are just the table. I suggest, if you have a large shelf with room for your stuff go for a desk without drawers, they are more modern, I like tempered glass board. If you are more traditional, go by the desk with drawer’s melamine or wood.

The chair, not the tailings from your room. Invest in an ergonomic chair that allows you to be comfortable and watch your posture; remember that you’ll be sitting there most of the day. Again, combine your chair and be consistent with the style of your desktop to make it look harmonious.

If you’re going to get customers in your office, you should consider extra chairs for your desktop, if it gives you space, a conference table with at least four chairs.


An original idea is to decorate the home office as the subject of your work. For example, if an audiovisual company, you can place posters of classic films or TV or movie motifs. Another option is to decorate it according to your taste , if you like photography can expand some you’ve taken and frame, or if you like nature, opt for this type elements (plants, flowers, landscapes, etc.).