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How to decorate a small home office

More and more people doing some work at home. Quite possibly, in your home, you need a room or corner to perform your tasks: to study, write, work, etc., even if part of your working life prepare from home. To do this, you MUST have a conditioned small home office to work comfortably, practical, useful, full place and why not, without sacrificing nice decor that complements the whole house.

Often, we in this space many hours a week, plus need to feel comfortable in it, may be the place where you are inspired to create new ideas. That is why we decorate and arrange it properly is vital.

In general, we recommend:

– An area to the extent necessary. Perhaps the size of your house does not allow you to allocate your home office many square meters, but you can guide your design so that it appears airy and not give us feeling of smallness.

– Bright. There are few things more uncomfortable to work in a dark office. Choose for this site a place where you can best take advantage of natural light. Remember not have very thick curtains or have a system which does not prevent the free passage of light. You can choose small corners of your house to install it:

– Tranquility. It is essential to choose a place that guarantees you the peace of mind you need and that is free of noise. This point must be taken into account when choosing the place of the house where you want to install.

– The organization is important. When optimize space, you’ll have to sort all your materials so you do not get the feeling of chaos on your desk and also distribute them do not waste time looking for anything. With some organizational skills this is possible!

– Choose your style and color. There are many colors you can choose for your small home office. They can also marry with the style you want: vintage, rustic, industrial and minimalist, everything is valid by following a few basic aesthetic principles.

– Comfort. It is crucial to know what to choose furniture to be comfortable in that space. For example, choose a comfortable table and an ergonomic chair will be one of our priorities. They should play a more practical than decorative.

– Functionality. In the task of decorating, you should never forget that in this report, it is important that you are comfortable and can work long hours without discomfort. There must be a functional work environment always keep a professional look, especially if you get sometimes clients or partners there.

The furniture

The centerpiece of a small home office is the table. We recommend choosing a large enough to fit us the computer, the documents that we need and other materials necessary for our daily work. Always try to make this furniture is spacious and elegant, especially if received visits and, if so, should have sided to welcome visitors and make sure they take a good picture of our workspace. It is also positive that this desk has drawers by hand to keep our documents and other materials every day. In addition, these documents can be stored in file folders, drawers, dividers, etc., trying to never give an appearance of disorder.