Home Design

Hiring An Interior Designer

The figure of the interior designer is often confused with the architect or the designer. In fact, it is a little known but essential training for our homes. Focus on it.

Who is it?

– His portfolio
The interior designer is involved, usually in three areas: the design of public and private spaces, the design of products (furniture, lighting, textiles, etc..) And communication (scenery of exposure, television sets, etc. .). Its role is not the same as the architect, as the interior are not qualified to participate in large projects (ie, the structure supporting the chassis construction).

– Your mission
The first phase of its work is to gather customer requirements and align them with professional opportunities in the field detected. You juggle with shapes, colors, lines, volumes and materials to modify the spaces in the best possible arrangement. Developing its project through sketches and drawings, and when the customer accepts cookies, select the companies responsible for realizing the project. That is, plans and coordinates the work assigned to different professionals.– His profile
In most cases, the interior designer operates as a self-company or employee on the payroll. The matter requires many design ideas and a solid knowledge of art history, architecture. In addition, you must master to perfection the design tools (CAD / CAM) and the quality of the materials. It is, above all, a creator, so you should keep abreast of trends, but at the same time taking into account the technical requirements, budget and regulations. You must also know clearly express their ideas and argue them. Each piece is unique and the architect must learn to listen to your client to recognize his personality and expectations.

– His qualities
Artistic sensitivity, sense of touch, versatile, communicative, analytical skills and synthesis.
Important: The interior architect must sign insurance to cover their professional liability. The client, meanwhile, must employ the so-called “property insurance” for all work to be carried out at home.

When would you use it?

– You live in perfect harmony with the interior of your home.
– You just buy a property that must be reformed.
– You want to redefine the distribution of your bedroom or expand your home.
– You feel good in your workspace
– You want to optimize various spaces in your bedroom.

In all these cases you can use an interior designer, I propose a reform that will go with you, using materials and tone consistent with your personality. You’ll need it if you want to create an aesthetic and at the same time, functional.

Important: It will save you having to hire professionals who will perform the work and designing the project. He know how to use technical terminology and accurate with all workers.