How to Design Your Own House
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Five Of The Most Important Tips to Help You Design Your Own House

Should you want to design your own house, you will need to stay organized to make sure that you don’t fall behind schedule or run over budget. Here are a few tips to help you in your quest for your own house.

1. Have you taken a look at what is already out there. Have you even passed by a house on the street and thought, “Wow! What a cool house!” We have all done this from time to time. Take note of it and try to figure out what exactly you like about it. Maybe even stop by the house and knock on the door or send a letter to that address. If you ask nicely, the owner might just be willing to show you the house.

2. Scan through books and magazines filled with glossy photographs of houses. This will further help you get a feel for what you find appealing. Looking and real, built homes is much more helpful than relying on vague ideas in your head.

3. Make sure to talk to all your family members. Get them involved, especially the children. Their whimsical imaginations can give us new insight that we may have been blinded to by our adult practicalities. Designing your own house can be a blast if everyone is on board.

4. As soon as you get an inkling of what you want, sit down and draw it up using 3D computer software. 3D modeling programs can be fairly inexpensive these days, so you really have no excuse. Seeing your house come to life in a 3D rendering can be priceless in helping you evaluate and judge your design.

5. Immediately after your plan is drawn up, you’ll need to take to to an architect to make sure it meets all the building and zoning code requirements. He may make some slight modifications and suggestions, and can usually give you a rough estimate of the building costs.

Having these should pave the way for your project start up. Don’t forget, this is a big task to undertake and you will need to be committed to it. The results of living in a house that is completely your own creation are more than worth it in the end.