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How to decorate the walls of a room

The room of a person says a lot about their tastes, personality and style, so when we decorate our room trying to convey every detail and guarantee our essence and feel very comfortable in it. If you’re decorating your room or you’re thinking of doing a remodel, in this article we show you how to decorate the walls of a room.

The most traditional way to decorate the walls of a room with paint. Maybe traditional you sound like common, but there are many options that painting provides, for example, the simplest would be to choose a color of your choice and spice up your room, however, you can also compare many paintings and make a drawing on a wall or choose two colors and paint a wall of vertical stripes of two colors to make the room look larger.

The ceiling moldings are very fashionable to decorate the walls of a room. It is friezes infinite variety of models that allow you to soften the rigidity of the corners and adapt to any style, because although often widely used in elegant decorations, if you combine them with a bohemian touch also go very well.

To decorate the walls of a room is not mandatory intervene them. Today it is very common to see walls decorated with pictures that are part of a mosaic. You can choose photographs of your trips and hang them in uniform start to give a touch of fun and little stiff way. You can use photos in black and white on a red wall, a very unique combination.

The paper has always been an alternative to decorate the walls of a room, and that its benefits are innumerable. Currently there are very modern wallpaper designs, which can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and keep it free from stains, it is easy to attach and remove, dramatically changes the appearance of a space, do not need retouching and is very resistant.

If you like simple or decoration minimalist, an option to decorate the walls of a room and keep visibly clean, it is to choose a baseboard different. You can keep your white and smooth walls and skirting place a 25 cm wide stainless steel or light wood for a modern and versatile finish.

Another option is the wood and stones. Usually these elements are used in the wall where rests the head of the bed and provides a very strong, modern and different finish. Both options provide a rustic finish that can be combined with many styles.

A favorite for decorating walls of a room accessories are the vinyl. For there is an infinite variety of designs, textures, models, objects and colors to give life to a boring wall and make it the center of attention. They are widely used in the quarterfinals of the smallest, but also offer options for adults. This alternative is simpler to place the paper and upholstery is just as tough, but usually recommended for use on a single wall.

The letters are also an excellent choice. They can be large pieces of cardboard, wood or any other material with the initials of the person or couple to rest in that room, but can also be written with paintings and phrases that define something with which to identify. It is a very economical, original and colorful option.