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Revitalise Your Living Room

Reviving the look of a living room can be an exciting project, but if you are replacing the furniture as part of creating a new look, it’s also a daunting investment, and one that you will want to get right. You are likely to be living with your purchases for a number of years!

If you are looking to buy some new furniture, Laura Ashley sofa and chairs could be a good place to start. Laura Ashley are currently making the decision easier by offering up to 50% off their living room furnishings, and their range includes both made-to-measure and off the peg purchases. The current hot trends in living room furnishings include the gentleman’s club look, all leather armchairs and discreet mahogany side tables, or 1960s coffee bar, with dot and splash patterned cushions on high legged bucket armchairs. The look is colourful and fun, and contrasts bright 1960s retro patterned fabrics with practical and functional furnishings – ideal if you have a young family.

Luxury leather suite from Laura Ashley

For the luxury club look, leather sofas or armchairs are teamed with neutral linen colours on walls and floors, and rugs of deep maroon or tobacco brown. Hunt for an unusual coffee table – there are some craftspeople who are making small pieces now out of “found wood” or driftwood, and polishing it to a deep and rich finish. Accessories make this look : large pottery vases on the floor with decorative teasels or silk flowers help to add a touch of lightness.

Before deciding on the look that you want, you need to consider the level of usage that your living room gets – is it the room where the family spends most of their time, or a comfortable place to retire to in the evening whilst the kids play on their play stations in their own room? What sort of atmosphere do you want to create? Look critically at the space available to you. You can drown a room by introducing an over-large sofa, or too many pieces of furniture. Light and lighting is also critically important, and something that people often forget when planning a new look. Does your living room have a south aspect with plenty of light, or does it need a greater touch of warmth and colour if north facing?

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